Trans Services

At Apoio Counseling, all services are provided from a gender-affirming perspective. I have experience working with youth and adults who are binary, non-binary, and agender trans people. 

As a white cisgender femme, I acknowledge my privilege in this world and honor your needs in our therapeutic space. I believe that gender is a spectrum for most people, and everyone’s journey is unique to ourselves. I understand that the societal expectations for us to fall within a gender norm can be restricting at best, violent and disastrous at its worst.

While we are witnessing unprecedented awareness of trans identities, we are also mourning too many lost lives of transmisogynistic violence, especially towards black trans women and femmes the most. I promise to collaborate with you to make our sessions a safe and affirming space for you, regardless of your gender(s).

While I currently do not offer sliding scale services for individual therapy, I will provide free, quality access to the required mental health letters to initiate hormone therapy or Gender Affirming Surgery for adults (18+). If you are under 18, we will need to include your parents in this process and discuss further.

I am committed to providing an “informed consent approach” in my interviewing and letter writing process, which means while I am the mental health expert, you are the expert of your body and your needs. I am here to affirm that, and while I have to ask some questions, I strive to ensure your autonomy and respect throughout this process.

If you are solely seeking this letter, please fill out my contact form and I will reach out so we can begin the short process of completing the letters required for your medical transitioning.

Note: I am not a medical doctor and strongly encourage clients to consult their doctor regarding medical questions.