About Therapy

Apoio Counseling offers individual, person-centered therapies from a feminist approach.

To support you in being your most authentic and healthy self, I incorporate aspects of:

Apoio comes from the Portuguese word for support. I chose that because, in our therapy, it is my honor to support you.

I help people who are struggling to shed their destructive habits; people who have potentially spent their whole lives feeling “othered”, not feeling whole because the world tells them they are broken. I firmly believe as humans we can never be broken, but we can be in debilitating pain, and we can need help to feel fulfillment in our lives.

Our therapy will be from an intersectional approach– looking at how your environment, society, and experiences impacted and continue to affect your life. Some of my clients have never been in therapy before, and some of them have seen a handful of therapists before stumbling on to me.

Regardless of the reason, my clients were struggling and were ready to move forward. Let me help you move forward too.