About Me

I am a queer, fat, disabled, white Brasilian-American ciswoman and femme who loves reading about the world, spending time with my chosen family, and over-analyzing media.

I’ve spent almost 10 years working with LGBTQIAP+ individuals and allies in various capacities, including education, advocacy, fundraising, counseling, volunteering, coordinating events, and hosting peer-led support groups.

While in graduate school, I interned at an adult center for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Understanding firsthand their mental health struggles within the context of their environment, lived experiences, society, family structures, and personal restrictions… it was there I developed my passion for working with adults from an intersectional, disability justice, framework.

My name is Shirley Roseman. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who provides services throughout Florida (SW#19572) and Colorado (CSW#09928465) via telehealth only. I provide an intersectional approach to therapy; understanding that stress, trauma, anxiety, and depression are all impacted by lived experiences in a society that is oppressive to some more than others. I work primarily with neuroqueer clients (Autistic and/or ADHDers who’s identity is intrinsically linked to our neurodivergent bodymind)* It is my privilege to affirm and validate your worth and value through challenging negative self-narratives while affirming you to create a life that makes you feel good– that you deserve.

*Per Nick Walker, who coined the term neuroqueer and has a more eloquent definition: it is a person “whose identity, selfhood, gender performance, and/or neurocognitive style have in some way been shaped by their engagement in practices of neuroqueering, regardless of what gender, sexual orientation, or style of neurocognitive functioning they may have been born with”

This therapist is conversational in Portuguese and Spanish but does not offer therapy exclusively in these languages

B.A., Sociology, University of Florida
B.S., Psychology, University of Florida
M.S.W., Trauma-Informed Clinical Social Work, Barry University

Professional Memberships: Psi Chi Psychology Honors Society, Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honors Society, National Association of Social Workers

Vice Chair, National Association of Social Workers, Broward Chapter