ADHD, Autism, & Neurodivergence

I firmly believe in the neurodiversity paradigm which views many diagnosis (including Autism and ADHD) as natural and a normal variation of human diversity.

As Dr. Joel Schwartz wrote, “Although Autism can come with profound challenges, it also comes with profound strengths that, when honored and channeled, can lead to a wonderful life”

In therapy, we will address the difficulties of being neurodivergent in a society that is created for neurotypicals. I am here to respect, support, and honor your expertise as a neurodivergent person. 

I do not “cure” or “fix” symptoms, but I will work with you to identify, understand, and address ways that your neurodivergence may negatively impact your life. We will work collaboratively to find ways to improve your functioning (ex: completing “adulting” tasks like keeping the house clean, finishing projects and assignments on time, strengthening relationships).